Leek Holiday

IMG-20130318-00271Having cleared the last of the leeks in the field last month, it’s now that time again when I’m getting ready to sow this year’s batch in the polytunnel. Amazing really: there’s only been a few weeks where I’ve not been growing leeks in the last 12 months! I’ve cleared another half a tunnel’s worth of brassica salad leaves today from Fivepenny Tunnel (thanks guys, loved your work, especially frilly mustards, mibuna and mizuna), and spread four wheelbarrow-loads of green waste compost on top of the soil.

IMG-20130318-00272The ground under the Mypex in the tunnel wasn’t too wet really, considering the soggy winter we’ve had; those few sunny days have helped dry out the tunnels, and the salads have grown well over the last few weeks, also taking moisture out of the ground. I’m going to leave it for a few days though before rotovating the compost in and drilling the leeks, just so the last damp patches have a chance to dry some more, and make rotovating easier – and leave a nicer tilth to sow the leek seed into. Then hopefully these leeks will be with me until next February/March, depending on what this year throws at us…


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