Sunny respite

IMG-20130314-00265I’ve got the BBC/Met Office five day forecast web page constantly open at the moment. Poor buggers, they do get whinged at: although I have to say that the next day and short-term forecasts have been pretty spot-on recently, so well done them (they also saved my bacon a few times when I’ve seen a hard frost coming, so fleeced the modules in the tunnel). We Brits are pretty obsessed with the weather: but that’s because it’s so incredibly changeable here. I have international friends who thought it was funny that we talked about the weather so much when they first came to the UK, because their weather was so predictable (barring hurricanes, but at least people tend to know when they’re on their way these days); now these friends talk about it incredulously much more than I do. “It was sunny and warm yesterday: now I am so coooold!” Another friend has just come back from -30C Canada, and says it seems to feel colder here – probably because of the pervading UK dampness which gets right into your bones and doesn’t budge from your socks.

However, after the seriously freezing temperatures over the last few days (I now understand what’s so bitter about ‘bitterly cold’); we have some lovely sunshine again. The module tunnel is recording temperatures of over 30C (from -3C last night); and all the other tunnels are beautifully warm (although I can’t water the salad since the pipes were still frozen this morning; one had burst too). We’re due a bout of rain (oh joy) over the weekend, but it looks like it’s going to be nippy again the following week.

The peppers, aubergines and few F1 tomatoes in the heated propagator are oblivious to the fluctuations outside of course; the only danger is that they will probably need to be potted up in a few weeks, and then I normally leave them in the module tunnel. I’m not sure that the tunnels will be warm enough at night however: but hopefully when the clocks go forward over Easter weekend, spring will take its cue and make a grand entrance.


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