Let Sleeping Insects Lie

Note to self: numb fingers don't take good pictures
Note to self: numb fingers don’t take good pictures

Despite the FREEZING (actually freezing, up to a high of 0C for most of the day) weather this morning, and biting, howling wind, I thought I’d try and be good and make a start on clearing the two herb/flower beds by the tunnels. One had nasturtiums last year, and the other had borage and calendula, which the bees adored; one or two calendula plants were even still going (just). I wanted to try and clear the inevitable couch too, and add some compost, and maybe try these beds out as a no-dig plot (though not sure the blasted couch will let me do that). Part of the reason I’d left the dead flower stalks there so long was that insects are supposed to like hollow stems to hibernate in over winter. However, today I thought that sounded like a lazy excuse for leaving things messy, so I started pulling away. But then I found a ladybird asleep at the bottom of one of the stalks – it had worked after all! So I left the rest in case there were more precious ladybirds and other goodies around; I’ll try again when it’s warmed up a tad. After all, anything that scoffs aphids and blackfly is worth looking after in my book.


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