Drumroll: Ta-Dah!

IMG-20130304-00249Gooood-day Suuuunnnshine, da, da da daa… Hurrah, the sun came out and I actually felt warm today. I think that’s the first time in over 6 months that I can say that too: I actually stipped off one or two layers while working OUTSIDE this afternoon! Richard and Keith were kind enough to arrange and spread a load of horse muck on two sections of the field last Wednesday: one for brassicas, the other for squashes and courgettes. There was such a lovely lot of it, I was able to take off 15 barrowloads from little heaps on those sections, and drop on to my planned bean section. Lovely lovely old poo, straw and wood shavings (mostly composted down), to give the soil a good dose of nitrogen and organic matter, so all the microbes that had such a hard time of it last year can have a nice treat when they get to work once the soil warms up.

IMG-20130301-00242So I borrowed the rotovator on Friday (thanks again Richard); which did a really good job of mixing the manure in and geting the topsoil nice and friable. Then today I could finally plant out the poor broad beans which I sowed in November, once it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to get onto the soil and sow them directly in the field. Some of the beans have got a bit leggy and tall, so I hope they make it (I’ve covered them with a bit of fleece just in case the temperature drops too much again tonight).

I also sowed more Supersimonia Aquadulce directly into the ground, and Hangdown Green broad beans; plus planted all the garlic cloves that I’d saved from last year. Fingers crossed both garlic and beans will like 2013 more than 2012…


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