Rumbled: Close Charlie Tunnel

The hole that was most definitely there yesterday...
The hole that was most definitely there yesterday…

The advantage of having a phone that takes pictures is that you can record evidence as you find it throughout the day. I’m so glad I took pictures of the rabbit hole that appeared in the new polytunnel the other week: I had one or two half-hearted brief stabs at filling it in, but it always appeared again (it looked bigger than ever yesterday); so I’d made plans to borrow a friend’s Jack Russel over the weekend. disappeared. You ain't seen me, right?
…now disappeared. You ain’t seen me, right?

But this morning the hole seems to have magically filled itself it – and it’s a much better job than I did: it’s really solid earth again where the hole was. Was this a passing kindly soul in the night? Maybe a dog, cat or fox wanted to catch them coming out of a different hole connected to the burrow, so somehow filled this one in? (Although not sure how any of those would have got in the closed tunnel.) If you look closely however, it seems that those are rabbit paw prints that have patted the soil down so firmly. I suspect they realised that they had been rumbled and that a terrier was on its way, so they’re denying they were ever there, and covering up the evidence.


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