Mercury Rising?

From 2C to 31C in 10 hours…
From 2C to 31C in 10 hours…

Blimey, make sure you’re sitting down: the thermometre in the module tunnel hit 30C today! And it went down to nearly freezing in there last night! Here’s the evidence to prove it:

I love the module tunnel (actually all the polytunnels) on a sunny day in late winter/early spring: it makes sowing seeds a joy. I sowed 3 trays (450 modules) of celeriac Prinz this morning too: fingers crossed it has a happier fate than last year. I planted the three trays out in the field last spring, and covered with some of the carrot netting to stop birds pulling them stright back out again – and all of them disappeared, munched by slugs. Quite heart-breaking really. But this year WILL be different; that sun is here to stay…?



One thought on “Mercury Rising?

  1. I planted Prinz this weekend too! And I had the same trouble last year – all transplants…cleared in one night of (slug) munching! x

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