Seedy Days

IMG-20130211-00177Right, we’re approaching the middle of February, which means I can start sowing the really early stuff now – very exciting! I’m trying not to get too carried away at the moment, since the forecasts suggest that this February will be one of the coldest on record; so some things might not germinate in the module tunnel – or if they do and if the temperature really drops, they might get frosted. So I’m sticking to the regular micro leaf trays which I’ve been doing more or less all winter anyway – a nice mix of spicy brassica leaves such as mustards, mizuna and leaf radish, fennel and celery leaf – plus a tray of early lettuce leaves just to see if they’ll come up yet; and today I’ve tried some very early savoy cabbages (Verbote) and nero di toscana kale (old seed so I don’t mind if it doesn’t work). I’m also sorting out the heated windowsill propagators, ready for sowing peppers and aubergines at the end of the week: can’t wait!


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