Grower’s Gold

IMG-20130201-00171I had a lorry load of green waste compost dropped off on Wednesday; 20 months ago I had around 4 tonnes +, but this year I’ve been greedy and gone for 6 tonnes + (the exact amount you get depends on what’s in the lorry on the day, but I’m happy to take any extra). It only cost £264 from Hills Group, on behalf of Wiltshire Council, which I think it a pretty good price for that amount of delivered compost (probably over 100 bags-worth). Yes, it is a bit on the woody side (so black!); but when I’ve rotovated barrowfuls into the polytunnels alongside the some horse poop, I’m hoping to have a good balance between woody carbon-heavy organic matter, and nice fertile manure. The soil in and around the tunnels is very sandy and silty; which is lovely, but does mean that some things might go hungry (and thirsty if it ever stops raining) if I don’t keep adding composts and manures to compensate for everything I’m harvesting. I’ve seen the soil improve just since I’ve been there, by regularly adding organic matter before drilling or planting (the worms in particular love making their casts in this black gold). This compost is also a great mulch for the herb and fruit beds.

The only snag is that the new pile of compost is a bit more in the way that the last pile, since the lorry couldn’t get any closer due to the soaking muddy ground covering the last of the hardcore path – the heap is now right outside the lean-to by the shipping container which I use for storage, packing etc. Still, more incentive to use it all up asap I suppose…


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