Seed Avarice

IMG-20130125-00164Having slipped on some wet decking this morning and sliced my hand on the smashed pane of glass I was carrying (I know, text book idiotic injury), I’m now typing one-handed and nursing a tetanus booster shot in the unmentionables. Therefore not much chance of picking today (or mending tunnel doors either; I’m dreading seeing what these 40mph gusts have done tomorrow). So instead I’m happily organising my seeds which have all arrived now bar one or two packets; they look so lovely and full of potential. I’m most excited by the new things I’m planning on trying out: more summer salad leaves such as summer purslane (supposedly a cholesterol-lower) and salad burnet; black-rooted perennial scorzonera; exotic herby leaved mitsuba and stridolo to name a few.

I’ve got a wallplanner on which I’m trying to mark rough sowing and planting times (give or take a few weeks); but as ever it will all depend on the weather. I’m also looking forward to sowing some new varieties, such as Green Zebra sweet tomatoes – hopefully I might start sowing these in February. So maybe I should make the most of this enforced ‘office day’; since it will all kick off again before I know it.


2 thoughts on “Seed Avarice

    1. Tee hee yes (unless she was just having me on and doing it for a laugh); apparently as the glut maxis are the largest muscles in the body (definitely my largest ‘muscle’!) it’s best to inject there in order to act quicker. Can now just about sit down again…

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