Much Mulch

IMG-20130107-00134Phew just managed to get a layer of mulch down on the herb beds between the tunnels yesterday before this damp freezing weather came trolling in: the French sorrel and chives (both Staro and garlic varieties) have started to sprout again already thanks to the mild weather; so I wanted to use up some of the last load of old green waste compost I had (pretty soggy now even though it’s been under a tarpaulin all year) and give the herbs a little bit of pretecttion from this chill, and also a bit of food. The compost is still full of lots of white mycelium roots (fungi that breaks down wood waste) which I’m hopeing will also give the soil a friendly fugus boost. The mulch will also help a bit to make annual weeds think twice before mounting an attack: although it probably won’t do much to deter the annoying creeping buttercup and odd annoying dandelion and burdock hiding among the plants.

There are a few bare patches in the beds where I had annual herbs in 2011 (dill, basil), and had planted other annuals there last year (tarragon) but the slugs had other ideas, so they stayed empty despite a number of plantings. I’ll probably stick to perennial herbs in those beds, as they seem more resillient; plus once they’re established, I’ll be sorted for a couple of years. Now to order some more lovely thyme, mint and winter savoury from my catalogues full of promise…


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