Suddenly Spring?

IMG-20130104-00130Well I think I like you so far, 2013: you have the advantage of having a dreadful growing year to compare yourself against, so that’s a good start. New Year’s Day was gorgeous: I could almost smell spring waving to us in the distance. It’s been great to have a reprieve from the constant rain: I’ve discovered that paths, roofs and soil are actually naturally a much lighter shade than they’ve looked for the past six months, now they’re drying out a bit.

IMG-20130104-00132The plants are getting a bit carried away with this mild spell too: the salads in the tunnels are especially excited, and I’ll be able to start picking the later-planted third polytunnel at the end of this week (at last! I was hopefully to start before Christmas). My early broad beans I sowed in large modules a month or so ago have also decided to finally germinate and get off to a dramatically good start: a bit too good really, as they won’t be able to get planted out for at least a month to six weeks yet at the earliest (depending on the weather). Ah well, I’d rather have them huffing and puffing and nagging me to go out, than not have anything to plant if we do get some decent early sunshine. A cold snap is due at the weekend though, so I hope this growth spurt in the tunnels will see me through any chillier weeks up ahead…

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