Optimistic Herbs

IMG-20121203-00088Yes, plants themselves of course can’t really be said to be optimistic; but I’ve got quite a few trays of salad leaves, chard and herbs such as chervil, curled and flat-leaf parsley, who keep nagging me to be planted out in the tunnels, even though it reached -3C last night. So last Friday and Monday I managed to get my poor hard-done-by rotovator to turn over some strips of soil (very wet even though in the tunnels, due to the blasted floods) in between the last of the carrots and tiny beetroot; and so far have planted out a line of rainbow chard, and chervil. I’m also hoping to get more bits and pieces in today.

I’m really not expecting them to do much over the next month or so; but as the days start to lengthen again in February, they just might produce a useful gap-filling crop before the ‘proper’ spring crops get going. Plus the herbs will be in the new tunnel, which will have the tomatoes in next year, which means I won’t be needing to get the ground ready until the end of April, so the herbs should have a nice loong time there to do their thing.


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