Ms Brightside

Right, trying not to mention the w**ther or the f-word either: though flooding (oops, said it) has been on everyone’s mind here in the southwest this last week. I’ve never seen the Avon and other smaller rivers (even ditches) so full and angry, aggressively taking on neighbouring fields, roads and homes – and winning. Many have had it much worse than us, so I’ve decided to try and look on the bright side.

Out in the fields, we now have self-washing beetroot; once you can locate any tops, the 3-inch standing water helpfully cleans the roots as you pull them squelching from the sucking mud below. Also, I can simply float the bag alongside the line of rainbow chard while picking the remaining leaves into it. Difficult to find a bright side to patching up more holes in polytunnel plastic made by broken doors & gale-force wind though: improving my DIY skills perhaps?

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