Christmas Market

Despite the apocalyptic weather, there was a great turn-out for Hartley’s Taste of Christmas fair/market at the weekend. When I eventually made it in (long story, don’t ask), I happily had a table right next to Ollie & Ken’s mouth-watering Christmas dinner-in-a-ciabatta-bap stand (I managed to hold out for about an hour or so before going for it: turkey, stuffing, pig-in-blanket, butter-roasted potatoes and cranberry sauce, cor blimey).

While I don’t really have a huge amount of veg variety this time of year – and less than I was planning as the weather has put paid to the red cabbage, and slowed the kale and Savoys right down – I still had carrot bunches, fennel, jumbo leeks, rainbow chard, chillies and of course mixed salad bags. The salad leaf taster punnets were very popular: green frills mustard was the big hit, and the surprise heat nearly made a little girl cry so that has to be a success; plus claytonia to cool it down; mizuna; and tat soi. People seemed to enjoy trying the unusual leaves: perhaps because they felt they’d earned another boozy ice cream taster afterwards…


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