Salad Pick & Mix

Oriental leaf Mizuna

Today I’ll be starting to get some things ready for the Producer’s Christmas Market at the weekend at Hartley Farm; I’m hoping to get together a few recipes for some of the more unusal veg, so people can try out some new seasonal munchies. I’m picking out all the baby fennel that’s ready; considering I planted it in proper wet mud (feet were sinking 3 inches while planting), it hasn’t done too bad really.

Red frills mustard

The main draw last year at my table was the salad leaves though: I had a few samples of several different type of leaf, and invited people to try them – many were just expecting bland iceberg lettuce flavours and weren’t too bothered at first; but then when they tried the hot and spicy giant red mustard, or juicy claytonia they were pleasantly surprised. (It also helped having Fussels dressings on the next table, to dip the leaves into.)

Green frills mustard

I’m hoping to convert a few more people this weekend into trying out winter salads: it’s so nice to enjoy some fresh and healthy leaves in the midst of all the stodge and heavy food of winter.



Chicory Radicchio
Red mustard
Winter purslane Claytonia
Green In Snow mustard
Pak choi Tat Soi
Oriental leaf Mibuna

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