Full of Beans

Right, I’ve really given up on trying to get any garlic or broad beans in the ground to overwinter: I’ve been waiting since the last week in September to get the ground ready for both crop to be sown directly – to no avail. I can’t see the ground drying out enough until spring now, so I’m just being patient with the garlic and keeping the cloves dry in storage; but I’ve planted a few large module trays up with aquadulce broad beans to try and get an early crop underway. This means that when the ground does eventually dry out (!) enough to prepare for the first direct sowing in Feb/March, I can also plant out these young plants at the same time, to stagger the cropping. Well, that’s the theory anyway: this year my staggered direct-sown beans were either eaten or cropped at the same time, so fingers crossed for better results next year. Ah, there’s always next year…


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