Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Compost spread on top: now to wait until drier…

So after spending some time clearing out the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from the tunnel nearest the hedge and lane, the next step was to lift the mypex – and realise how wet the soil had got in the torrential rain a week ago. So that scuppered my plans for a quick turn-around: I had to wait a few more days with the doors left open to try and dry the soil out enough to rotovate.

Nice crumbly soil thanks to Howard

Meanwhile I added 6-7 barrow-loads of the last of the municipal green waste compost (it’s done pretty well, lasting two years for the tunnels and herb/fruit beds, think I’ll get some more next year). A few days later the soil was just about workable (bit wet in places though, but I couldn’t wait any longer): so I used the trusty Howard rotovator (which had a service last month and is now running again, hurrah) to work the compost in and make the soil nice and friable.

Not before time: plants in, ready to rock & roll

Then it was time to drag the mypex with the correct hole spacing in to cover the ground, and peg into place. Then, finally, I could plant the salad transplants that have been waiting patiently in the module tunnel for weeks. The left side nearest the barns is non-brassica: lettuce, endive, chicory, claytonia, bulls blood beetroot; and the right is lovely land cress, mixed mustards, mizuna, mibuna, pak choi and beautiful red komatsuna. Now I just need some sunny days to get them going…


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