All Tucked Up

Pumpkins wrapped in fleece

So from being promised an Indian summer this week, the forecast is now a brief spell of clear very cold weather; then more drizzle next week. Argh. Looks like I’ll never get the garlic and broad beans in before spring. I think the last dry day we had was back in September; and although this moist weather has suited some of the later brassicas, which have caught up a tiny bit (some Savoy cabbages are almost a pickable size now), it’s not great for ground preparation. Hey ho, at least I have got the option of planting the broad beans in pots in the tunnel and then planting them out in spring for an early lot; and drilling the rest directly in the soil at the same time for a later lot. I should count my blessings: frustrated farmers dependent on drilling winter cereals now don’t really have that option.

Salad leaves all tucked in

So now it’s all about preparing for the predicted cold snap this weekend: I’ve wrapped my tiny crop of pumpkins up in the tunnel, and also put fleece over the two half-tunnels of salad. I think if it does get really cold, it might spell the end for my tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers; but they have slowed right down now anyway. Next week could be the time to strip the remaining fruit off (chutney time!) and start getting that tunnel ready for the next two batches of salad.


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