Down & Dirty

Right, that’s another dirty job done ready for winter: turning the compost heaps. There are three bays, made from pallets, and the bay at the end has some pretty nice stuff in it now. The ingredients for the compost there were originally chucked in the first bay at the other end about 18 months ago; and the idea is that I turn it over regularly into the next bay maybe about 3 months later, leaving the first bay clear for new waste veg, plants and cardboard. In reality of course this gets done when I have the time and inclination; but despite my undisciplined efforts, it’s starting to look and feel like compost. The final and middle bays are both covered with tarpaulins, to try and keep out weed seeds, and also the worst of the rain off, so all the nutrients don’t get washed away.

I do try and stick to a good balance of brown (woody/papery/cardboard stuff) to green (veggie and plant waste); there probably is a bit too much green at the moment, because all the café, florists’ and shop waste veg/flowers/foliage goes in there too. Still, the end product is looking ok and smells good, so I’ll give it a try in spring. The worms, fungi and other helpful organisms are doing their job well. Think I’ll stick to adding it to the soil in the polytunnels though, rather than as a potting compost yet, just to see how it goes…


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