Orange Squash

Well ok, that should probably be Orange Pumpkin, as that’s what I’ve got most of, rather than squash. However, I’m quite grateful to have got anything at all this year. The seedlings started off well in my homemade tunnel shelves and got off to a good start; but then when I planted them out, it went horribly wrong. Cold, wet, and slugs: I lost most of the plants, and though I had some spares which I planted out again, it was a bit late, and the same three problems happened again. Next year I will definitely use Ferramol (ferric phosphate, wildlife-friendlier slug pellets) more, and will cover the squash with fleece when they’re first put out; and also wait longer before undersowing with trefoil/green manure, as that will mean I can weed more thoroughly round the plants until they get established.

Pumpkins and squash ripening on the lighter side of the tunnel

Still, despite these problems, I did harvest just over 26kg of squash and pumpkins on Friday; a rubbish amount for a good year, but considering I’d almost written off the whole field this year, it’s a kinda small bonus. Now they are all at the top of the tomato/pepper/aubergine tunnel to ripen and set their skins; some have turned more orange already, woohoo! Perhaps the bright orange calendula nearby will also give the green ones the right idea…


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