Intruder Alert!

Curses. Who to blame for the murder of sweetcorn, deer or badger?

Gah! My precious sweetcorn has been murdered! I managed to pick just 3 whole cobs, and went to check on how the rest was doing yesterday – to find that the few ripe cobs that I did have left (thanks to this chilly wet summer) had been munched by something. Each cob had been neatly picked off the small plants, and razed clean most methodically; plus a few whole plants trashed too. There were a few teeth marks on some of the cobs, suggesting a jaw a bit smaller than a human; could be a badger (the rabbit fence is very low, and non-existent by the gate), or deer (easy to step over the fence). I did manage to find one large super ripe cob left though, ahaha, so I promptly munched it straight away before they could come back and complete the job. Call security! Find the culprits! Arrooogah! Arrooogah!


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