Shh! Carrots!

OK, don’t tell anyone (well, don’t tell the slugs and rabbits anyway); but I actually have three lovely lines of young carrots in my polytunnel! Yes, I did try and sow thousands of carrots outside, on three separate occasions from April to July, and the slugs had every one of the tiny seedlings once they came up – each time – argh; but the fact is, I won! Hah hah hah! Oh dear, need to watch this hysterical laughter. And the carrots I have are really only a small fraction of the amount I was expecting by now. However, I had all but given up, and put those three rows of carrots in the tunnel in desperation in July; so even though it’s a small victory, it still feels good to see the lush growth and promising orange carrot shoulders peeking out from the ground. Minor victories are hard to come by this year, so I’m making the most of each one…


One thought on “Shh! Carrots!

  1. Carrot Fly
    This tip about carrot fly sounds so daft I almost did not post it but it’s true and it works..

    If you suspect that the dreaded carrot fly has got past your defences, your netting and smell diversions and is living within your carrot fortress. Then place some bits of mirror along and between your rows of growing plants .The idea is that the female carrot fly will see her own reflection and charge at it knocking herself out!

    Then you come along and remove her. I know you think I am kidding but I swear it’s true, give it a go.

    Incidentally, I grow all my carrots in dust bins sown in a spiral. The sun sorts them out so that they grow first on the outside then as you pick them this allows the inner ones some sun and they develop.

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