Season Overlap

I love September: summer veg is getting into it’s stride (at last!), and the earlier more wintery veg is starting to come through too. This means it’s a really colourful time when it comes to picking: multicoloured dwarf French beans (purple, green, yellow) and tomatoes, plus the brilliance of rainbow chard and beetroot, then all the imaginable greens too (cucumbers, rocket, lettuce, kale, courgettes, and lovely leeks). If fact, leeks may well turn out to be my best crop this year: they didn’t suffer very much from the wet/slugs once they got in the ground, and are in a nice spot, and I’ve managed to keep them pretty weed-free. They are now getting pretty large!

So I’m taking a minute to enjoy the glossy aubergines, tomatoes, leeks and beetroot, in the September madness. It was such a rubbish growing year, I think it’s worth celebrating these crops that made it.


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