Springing Leeks

At least one crop has made the most of the wet spring/summer: the leeks. Possibly one of the only crops that the slugs haven’t devastated (they even muched the chillies!), the leeks went out a few months ago (the last box of tiddlers only went out a couple of week ago though), all 9 rows of them, and many are looking nearly ready for harvest as baby leeks (good news for the chefs). It’s a good morale-boost to see them. Apart from a patch of annoying couch grass and few thistles, they’ve been surprisingly weed-free. I don’t think that has anything to do with my skillful management though: although I did cultivate the ground at a good time, wheelhoed them when it was dry enough, and have just given them a quick handweed, there wasn’t the mass of groundsel, chickweed, fat hen and redshank that I was expecting. I have a feeling that the slugs have probably got something to do with that, so maybe I shouuld feel grateful. Mind you, I’d rather have had more crops and more weeding to do than no crops and less weeds. Next year, next year.


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