Rain Dodgers

Honeybees in the borage

I think I’ve had it bad: at least I’m not a bee. The poor blighters aren’t enjoying these showers either – as soon as there’s a break in the clouds, they’re back out foraging, both bumblees and honeybees. The butterflies are in the same boat (that would be a light, fluttery boat I suppose, any more showers and it might come to that), plus the lacewings and myriad other wildlife trying to make the most of the food available in the summer, to keep them going in winter. At least my borage, calendula and nasturtiums are all very close together, so it’s easy for them to get their fill here.

A Gatekeeper butterfly enjoys the oregano

The herb beds with the curled parsely and oregano that are now flowering are also humming with life; and encouraging bees and butterflies into the polytunnels next door to pollinate the sweet peas, tomato, pepper, aubergine and cucumber flowers. It does the soul good to see them all getting a good meal anyway.


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