Persian Carpet

After sowing a mix of red clover, lucerne and a touch of last year’s Persian clover in a fifth of the field for a 1 1/2-year green manure ley last week, I’ve now sprinkled more Persian clover in half of one of the tunnels. I tried this last year, and it was a really good, fast-growing boost to where I’d had the leeks and spring onions; I don’t need that half of the tunnel for a month or so until the winter salads go in, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to try and do the soil some good. It’s a lovely lush clover, with pretty, sweetly scented lilac flowers, and the insects and bees liked it too. I just wheel-hoed the ground before sprinkling on (the soil was pretty nice and bare anyway), then raked the seed over to cover lightly; simple.


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