Washed Away

After the thunderstorms and flash floods over the weekend, the field somewhat resembles a paddy field. The poor brassicas are not only under mesh, they are also under water too; and the rainbow chard is paddling in it. Sigh. I really needed to get the fennel in yesterday, so went out there and planted just two rows; while my wellies were sucked into the mud. Hope the fennel likes it wet. Ah well, the outlook is slightly better for the end of the week, I can cope when there’s (sun) light at the end of the tunnel.

At least the tiny glimmers of hot sun when it does come out seem to be exciting the tomatoes (at last): the first punnets of mixed heirloom varieties went out to the farm shop last week, yay! There are also a few aubergines and chillies starting to form, fingers crossed we get a bit more sun.

The mixed sweet peas are also just about starting to flower, and provide a lovely sweet scent in the tunnel, as well as welcome splash of pinky-purpley-redy colour. At least it seems to be summer in there…


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