Nice & Tidy…ish

Whisper it, but it seems I’m almost on top of things… although I guess that will last precisely 5 minutes, before the next batch of weeds will have got so big they’ll need pulling out again, so I’m making the most of it for now. Another row and a half of mixed dwarf French beans sown; more wheel hoeing (leeks done now, hurrah), more lettuce sown (that reminds me, might be able to do another cheeky late basil sowing if we get a nice late summer/autumn), so now it’s tidy time in between the usual jobs of watering, picking, side-shooting of tomatoes and cues, and general maintenence. So it’s mower and strimmer to the rescue; half done, half to go round the tunnels. I can actually see the raspberries, borage and nasturtiums now the tall grass has been cut down to size; hopefully the shortened grass will also discourage the blasted slugs from partying down there before their next assault on the tunnels. Little buggers. I’m trying to find a hedgehog rescue place who might be interested in my homing some lovely hedgehogs here around my tunnels and out in the field – so please get in touch if that’s something you’re involved with. They’d live like a king!


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