Here comes the sun…

Huge sigh of relief… things are actually growing now! Better late than never eh? There are plenty of nice green tomatoes that have just started to go orange this week (interestingly the first tom to ripen was a Gardener’s Delight cherry in Carbon Gold compost); I’ve had to try the first few red ones all myself, for quality control purposes of course, not just becuase they looked so inviting…

The cucumbers are also now well away and have started producing, and I’ve also even had some courgettes out in the field – about half the plants got eaten by slugs when they were planted out, but the ones that have survived look great. I also had a bit of a tidy yesterday, and weeded and mowed the weeds/yellow trefoil green manure in between the rows of squash, courgette and sweetcorn, so hopefully the plants will get even more sun. Plus the latest lot of brassicas went out on Thursday, and I found that not every brassica I planted out before had been eaten, hurrah! Might even get a handful of green sprouting broccoli, wow! At least the purple sprouting is in now, with one lot of kale; there is another lot coming on the propagation tunnel, as I took a pessimistic view of whether the slugs would leave this lot alone, so I do have an insurance policy. Fingers crossed for more sun after a few showers this weekend; that’d do nicely……


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