Wonders of Technology

No, I haven’t been undercover these last few weeks in order to infiltrate the slug armies that are even now marching through yet more crops: for the last few weeks I have been without internet (thanks so much BT). So aside from the endless slug battles (seriously, where are they all coming from??!), I’ve mostly been, well, battling slugs. And cursing the weather. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old farmer, this is a terrible growing year so far. I’ve drilled two lots of carrots and parsnips, and not a single one came up/survived. Not one!! The same seed germinated in a polytunnel, so it can’t be the seed: most likely a combination of cold wet ground preventing germination, and then the slugs razing anything that does germinate. Every single celeriac I planted has disappeared too. Add there are perhaps 3 or 4 brassicas left from the 600+ I planted last month. Sigh.
Still, amazingly a couple of friends and I managed to complete the polytunnel on Friday, even in the rain. The skin (plastic) is on, despite us slipping around in the ever-present mud as the drizzle came down, and is now dug in firmly; it just needs some kind of doors now and it’ll be nice and snug like the other two, despite the weather. Victory! Fight. Win!


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