Rain Stops Play

Don’t worry, it’s not another whinge, just reportage: not much is happening outside since the planting-out fest last week, just a few more lettuces gone out, and a couple of trays of sunflowers. So with the weather doing it’s British summer thing now, I’m just leaving stuff to grow while keeping an eye on the weeds (had a fun thistle-pull on Wednesday, filling several wheelbarrows with the blighters): the brassicas and carrots are netted so hopefully they’ll be safe. The squash, courgettes and sweetcorn aren’t, but I’m hoping the weather doesn’t get too cold for them. And the trefoil looks like it’s starting to germinate in this rain too, which is good news.

Debris kindly left by the pesky mice

So it’s all about the polytunnels at the mo: I side-shooted the tomatoes for the first time at the beginning of the week, which is always an exciting job as it hints at the summer crop to come – and stains your hands dark green and makes you smell of tomatoes for a few days. There’s not too much to sow now either: a few more herbs and flowers, some PSB and an extra tray of nero kale just in case there’s room, plus lettuce every fortnight. I did try sowing more sunflowers, but sadly the mice had other ideas. They’re even after the basil seeds now, which is very annoying. Maybe if I put an owl box up somewhere that might help: ah well, with all this rain, I’ve got plenty of times to think up deadly rodent schemes. Watch out, Mickey…


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