Feast & Famine

Wow, this nice weather has certainly come with a bang. Or is that a vengeance – in a You Lot Whinged So Much About The Rain, Let’s See How Much You Like This Dry Baking Sun-kinda way. So I’m not whinging, but secretly hoping that the predicted yet elusive showers this week come my way at some point – because the ground is painfully hard and dry now.

Since the ground started to dry out, I’ve been able to cultivate it with the rotovator, and actually get a lot of stuff in: runner beans with their four-pole pyramid teepees to climb up; brassicas (broccoli, kales, a few mixed cabbages and a few rows of red cabbages); sweetcorn; celeriac; and courgettes. Plus a whole load of drilled seeds, including spinach, rainbow chard, beetroot, more sweetcorn, spring onions and dwarf French beans. And although I do have a few sprinkler stands out in the field, it feels a bit wasteful to use them when the days are so hot; and they never do so complete a job that a nice rainshower would do. The poor plants are now getting pretty desperate, and looking pretty sad. Maybe just a short, sharp shower then; at night, with more lovely sunshine in the day? Not that I’m fussy, eh?


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