Sun! Tomatoes!

Quick! Do stuff! Get stuff in! Sow more stuff! Now!

This is the week of industry and productivity: as well as sowing more lettuce, squash and sweetcorn (and the weekly micro leaf tray too of course), plus trying desperately to make more rrom in the module tunnel by placing some rainbow chard and brassicas out outside to harden off a bit before planting out.

I’ve been mainly sorting out the tunnel ready for the tomatoes – and by Monday evening the last one was planted, hurray! I’m trialing about a third of a trowel of charcoal with a few varieties, to see if the charcoal improves either the yield or flavour, or maybe makes the toms last longer/come earlier. Charcoal should in theory be beneficial as it should improve water retention around the roots; plus provide a nice structure for microflora and fauna, and fungi, to live in and around, therefore making soil nutrients available to the plant rootlets. So for Berner Rose and Gardener’s Delight, I’ve planted 5 pots potted on in Carbon Gold charcoal compost with an extra dose of charcoal in each hole, and 5 without the charcoal; and planted 5 plants potted on in West Riding compost with some charcoal, and 5 without. I’ve also tried some Sun Gold cherry toms with and without charcoal, and some St Pierre. Should be interesting… Right, back outside now, stuff to do!

Carbon Gold (left), and West Riding (right) potted on tomatoes ready for planting

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