Home Grown

Saved dill seed on the right; packet seed on the left

While I know that I should be saving more of my own seed, it’s just so easy to order an extra packet from the nice seed companies – plus I feel a bit nervy about relying on my own skills for next years’ crop. However, last year I did try to save some of the easiest seeds to collect and dry, so I had no excuse. I cut some dill heads and left them to try in my shipping container, collected the sweet peas when they were dried out on the plant, and the amazingly prolific calendula, plus some chilli seeds. So far all the saved seed has germinated super quickly: as they were collected from healthy plants just at the end of last year (ie not stored for too long), they seem to be bursting with vigour. I tried comparing my saved dill with some bought seed, sowing them at the same time next to each other in one big tray; and the results were pretty impressive – plenty of germination, and over a week earlier than the bought seed. So maybe this year I might try and save some more easy-to-harvest seeds, such as beans and tomatoes; especially as any plants that do well will pass on the genes to do well in these conditions (ie my soil type, weather, light etc). I can create my own GM seeds: Generally Magnificient.


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