Clap Your Hands!

Well there’s a glimmer of hope on the 5-day forecast: sun on Friday afternoon! At the moment, I’m just settling for no rain. There’s only so much you can do inside and/or in the polytunnels when it’s pelting down out there. I’ve weeded the early carrots three times now (mind you the little weedy buggers are still growing), put up three suspended plank shelves in the other tunnels to put the germinating squash on (so far so good), and have pretty much run out of space for more sowings in the module tunnel (hence the planks).

I’ve sown some more trial lettuces, as the last lot have still not germinated. I had trouble with some lettuce varieties last year, and wasn’t sure if it was the seed and/or compost (and/or weather). However, pretty much the only lettuce that has geminated this year is Marvel of 4 Seasons, a fab red butterhead. I love it; it comes up so quickly and reliably, with nearly 100% germination; so I’ve done a tray of West Riding and Carbon Gold to see if there’s any difference.

On the plus side, some things are actually growing in the module tunnel: it’s hard to be gloomy with nasturtiums popping up. They look like lots of hand applauding your efforts, and grow so well and vigorously; the leaves and flowers are both delicious, slightly peppery, so I’m looking forward to planting them out in the herb & flower beds as soon as the sun comes out…


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