Bank Holiday DIY

I’ve discovered a new way to get the rain to stop: ignoring it. It’s like any horrible bully: it just wants attention, so if you ignore and show it that it’s not stopping you do anything (of course it is, but you don’t tell it that), it sulks, gives up and
goes away/stops throwing a tantrum.

It worked quite well for me today: now that there’s a roof on my timber-frame shipping container extension, I decided Bank Holiday Monday was the perfect time to put the guttering on and link it to my largest water butt (it’s ok, I can admit when my butt is big). So I cut the rafters to size, drilled the gutter holders into place using a string marker as a slope guide (ie so the water goes towards the water butt end via gravity rather than sloping over the sides), just in time for rain to start again. I carried on through it though, and it soon got bored and the sun came out again. Hurrah! I also now have my new sign up (thanks Jay @ Marshall Signs), fixed together a couple of old growhouses which I can use for hardening trays off in, and ended up having a pretty productive day. Hah! Take that, ‘orrible weather!


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