Desperate Dame

A drier patch of mud which only took a few seconds to escape from

Seriously now: that’s really enough rain. As the curtains of water had stopped for 24 hours, for a giggle I thought that I’d give drilling a line or two of seeds ago, since they should have gone in a few weeks ago. I knew it would be a bit muddy of course, but had forgotten that my field is ever so slightly bowl shaped. So the nice patch that I’d rotovated two or three weeks ago (and hadn’t been able to get on since), once nice and fluffy with lots of air in between the soil crumbs, has basically become a huge patch of quicksand in the middle of the field.

The first few metres were not too bad, and had beguiled me into trying this madcap idea. Then things began to get decidedly squelchy. I tried to keep moving in order not to sink; but sadly that didn’t work too well, and several times I nearly lost a wellie. So if any plain parsley and mixed salad leaves do make an appearance, I’ll be mightily impressed with them, since they were basically dropped into a line of muddy water. The seed drill gave up after a metre or so, so I resorted to good old fashioned walking and sprinkling in as straight a line as possible when every step is getting sucked into the mud and arms are flailing madly to keep balance. Still, I was desperate; and if it doesn’t work at least I won’t have lost anything compared to if I’d not tried at all – apart from some seed and rather more dignity.


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