Super Soggy Blues

ImageArgh! Will it ever stop raining? Doesn’t the weather realise that I’ve got seeds to drill, manure to move and soil to rotovate? There’s really only so much a girl can do indoors in spring: I’m pretty up to date with paper work (tax return filed: tick); I’ve sown as much as I can fit in the module tunnel (tick); and I’ve weeded the polytunnels as best I can (tick); now I really have to get outside and do stuff. I just can’t get on the soil to do it…

Fingers crossed that there may be a few hours next week when it’s not actually tipping down, and I can drill some Oriental leaves, rocket and radish, plus some coriander and parsley (it will probably be a bit muddy and cloggy, but I’m getting desperate). I’m just hoping that it won’t be too late for the salad and that it doesn’t bolt/get too munched by the hole-piercing flea beetle before I’ve had a chance to pick it.

I’m so short of room in the module tunnel at the moment, I’ve tried suspending a very homemade wire-and-plank contraption in one of the tunnels, to fit a few trays of pumpkin and squash in. The idea is too foil the pesky mice: if they manage to get them up there, they pretty much deserve the seeds. I’m just hoping that these gales don’t blow the whole thing down, as it’s not amazing stable. I’m also half expecting to catch some mice climbing up with full abseiling gear when I next poke my head in the tunnel, but maybe I’m getting a bit paranoid…


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