Robin Me Blind

Note to self: in order to take pics of wildlife, get better camera…

My polytunnel nearest the hedge (I whimsically dubbed this “five-penny tunnel” after burying a 5p piece in the concrete with one of the foundation poles) still has some chard, chervil, a little landcress and bulls’ blood beetroot going strong; but the drilled spinach and carrots have been very disappointing – hardly any germination, and what there was has been munched drastically, most likely by blasted slugs. I’ve now reduced the watering since the cooler weather (the weeds have loved the water though, drat it); and have a table over a bare patch as I’ve run out of room in the module tunnel for my potted-on tomatoes. The toms will be planted out in here in a few weeks anyway, so they may as well get used to their new home.

I have noticed over the last few weeks though that whenever I go in this tunnel, there is always a robin hoping around in here. Which is quite a feat really, as all the doors are usually shut – they sneak in through the gaps between the top and bottom doors. I say they, as I though it was just one, but then two turned up yesterday. They’re really cute, cheaping away as they hope around, and I was just harbouring dreams of how they will clean this tunnel up of all the small sluglets; when my cherished hopes were rudely dashed as they were in fact snaffling all the worms. Every few seconds they were plucking one from the barer patches of damp soil. Rude. Don’t they understand that I WANT the worms? Whereas they can have as many slugs, snails and woodlice as they like? Sigh. Maybe someone could bring a book out on how fattening worms are, and how slugs are a great diet aid?


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