Compost Trial Update: 3-1 to Carbon Gold

Quick update on the compost trials: the red cabbage seeds have now germinated (you have to love how quickly brassicas germinate, it’s awesome – particularly when tunnel space is so tight and things need to keep moving). So far the Carbon Gold has stolen a march on West Riding – the seeds were all sown on 12/4/12, and yesterday (23/4/12) the results were as follows: 55/150 modules had germinated in the West Riding; and 112/150 had germinated in the Carbon Gold. I’m expecting both of these totals to go up of course, to nearly 100% germination in both, but it’s interesting to see the Carbon Gold tray be a bit quicker. Especially as the previous brassica tried last month – calabrese – seemed to prefer the West Riding (the WR plants are even now bigger and there’s more of them compared to CG).

Perhaps the weather has an important effect, even though they are inside: the calabrese was germinating during the March heatwave, and WR does seem to keep hold of more water (it’s reclaimed peat), whereas the
CG (coir/biochar) seems to have better drainage. It’ll be interesting to see how later lettuces do when the
weather warms up again (if it ever does). I sowed a tray of green salad bowl lettuces in each compost on 19/4/12, so there might be some peeping though in the next week…


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