Monday Splurge

The weather forecast is for rain for the rest of the week; so today was really my last chance to get the main carrots and parsnips in. And they are in, hurrah! (A couple of mixed rows of Purple Haze/Yellowstone/Laguna, plus 2 rows each of Rodelika and Robila.) Thanks to farmer Richard I was able to borrow the tractor with rotovator this afternoon, so did the whole roots patch; plus a tiny strip for drilling early brassicas in (rocket, radish etc). Not a moment too soon either: as I finished there was some very ominous clouds heading my way…

Riding high on a yummy cappuncino from the shop (I needed the caffeine!) I also managed to finally clear out the last of the salads from the second polytunnel (sad), rotovate in some more compost, and drill beetroot (Alvro mono and Golden Detroit), two rows of Renegade spinach, a row of Rudi radish and row of Esmee rocket, woohoo! Now the leeks and spring onions in the other half of that tunnel, which are coming up nicely, will have some new friends to play with.

Richard has also really kindly moved the fence behind my polytunnels, so I can put another one up later this year (as soon as possible). All systems go!


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