Blooming brilliant brassicas

Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head (or bigger)

Just spent the last few days pulling out all the rock-hard thick brassica stalks from last year’s Brussels, broccoli, cabbages and lots of kale. They were all pretty good, apart from a sad small patch in the middle of the field where everything stayed tiny. This could be the pigeons where the nets blew off early on; and/or a less fertile patch; and/or compaction in the soil – it was pretty soggy there in Jan/Feb, as it’s pretty much as the bottom of a small slope. But on the whole, the brassicas have been amazing; all I have left now is the lovely PSB (still just about going), and a few spring greens which have now been protected from the blasted pigeons after their first blitz.

My autumn caulis were a little disappointing and many got munched by slugs before they could be picked; so I’d all but given up on the late winter/early spring caulis – and then discovered that not only were they relatively slug-free, many were enormous and bigger than footballs! Maybe I will give caulis one more go this year…

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