Support where you need it

No, I’m not talking bras here: I’m talking customers. Grown Green has been going for just over a year now, and this month is the one-year anniversary of the first crop (micro leaves) which we sold to the shop in punnets. Hartley Farm has just finished its Easter weekend bonanza, including farm walks and rides, and although I couldn’t make it there on Saturday, I saw this pinned up by a post next to the polytunnels. The guys in the farm, shop and café have all been really supportive, and I’m sure customers there like to know and be able to actually see exactly where and how their fresh food is being grown for them.

My chefs have also been amazing over the last year: some days you might not have as much enthusiasm for veg as other days, especially when you’re rushing around, desperate to get things done while the weather is good. But good chefs really remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing; and get equally (or even more) excited about your produce as you do, which is brilliant. Sam Moody at the Bath Priory made this awesome balsamicy savoury jelly jobby (I’m sure it had a much better proper name) on Friday, and he suggested than in the summer it could be possible to make it with all my own stuff: broccoli, leeks, tomatoes, basil, artichokes etc. So now I am inspired again – and reminded to sow some globe artichokes asap…


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