Spring lift-off

Three, two one… we have lift-off! Last week really did feel like the beginning of spring. The flower bulbs are out and bees are buzzing; I’ve potted on the tomatoes (such an exciting job, as I know they can go in the ground in just four weeks, woot!); and even managed to bag a bit of time on the tractor in order to rotovate one of the four field patches, ready for the sugar snap peas (2 rows now in), rest of the legumes and alliums. The last of the broad beans are also in, in a few rows next to the overwintered Superaquadulce that survived pretty well (filled in a few gaps). Think that missing plants may be due more to deer than cold, argh.

Despite the low night temperatures, things are starting to appear in the module tunnel – even some cucumbers (but interestingly only the ones sown in Carbon Gold compost; the West Riding pots are still a no show and seem to be much wetter, which might mean those pots get too cold at night).

Cucumber Marketmore: Carbon Gold pots with seedlings in front; West Riding pots behind

At last some wet weather has arrived, which the herb beds are enjoying immensely. The main problem for this week or so is now being able to get out on the land and rotovate the next few patches ready for brassicas and the rest of the carrots & parsnips – I did manage to get two sneaky rows of carrots in today on the edge of the allium patch which overlaps the new carrots patch, just before the heavens opened, hurrah! It’s the little victories that keep us going…


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