Leeky tunnel

The nice spicy mustardy Oriental salad brassicas finally went to flower in the sunny spell last week, and while they looked lovely and smelled yummy – to myself and the hoverflies and bees which toddled in and had nice early spring lunch – it was time to rip them out and get my leeks in. So I pulled out the salad plants which had done so well over the whole of the winter, and fortunately they still flowered ever when lying on the compost heap, so I didn’t feel so guilty about removing the bees’ dinner.

So now there are six rows of leeks and two rows of early spring onions in that side of the tunnel; leaving just half that tunnel and a row or two in the other tunnel for salads. It’s a tough choice between leaving the salads in a bit longer, then a bit more… but then the early tunnel crops won’t be early at all. Ah well, maybe one more week for the rest of the salad, then it’s beetroot, radish and rocket time…


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