The trial continues

Calabrese seedlings in West Riding module compost

It’s a week into my trial with Carbon Gold biochar compost vs West Riding peat compost, and this sunny warm weather has brought the first seedlings up. I’d half expected to see the brassicas in the Carbon Gold up a day early; but in fact there are more seeds poking their heads up in the peat module tray. So round 1 goes to West Riding…

I also sowed some red salad bowl lettuces in two trial module trays on Friday, so we can see if the results are the same with salad crops. I’m still having problems with mice; they seem to like digging up the Carbon Gold compost even more than the peat; but that may be because it is more friable and therefore easier to dig. Either way, when it comes to sowing bigger seeds such as sweetcorn or squashes, I’m going to need to mouse-proof them somehow…

Calabrese seedlings in Carbon Gold compost

I’ve been using both types of compost to pot on the peppers and chillies too, to see how the two compare as an all-rounder. Plus it will be interesting to see if the biochar I’m planning to spread in half the tomato and pepper tunnel works better with the plants that have been potted on in the biochar compost.


One thought on “The trial continues

  1. Hi
    I have a business in Norfolk UK growing fruit, veg and herb seedlings using organically certified seeds and compost ( I currently use a range of composts from West Riding Organics but am interested to try other kinds and have been thinking about doing my own trial with Carbon Gold. So my question is – is the trial that you are doing part of a larger one that I could sign up to, and where would the results be posted? In any case I shall check back here and see how you’re finding the Carbon Gold. I find the West Riding to be very variable with water retention but otherwise excellent. Good luck with the growing season. Regards, Bryan Beers.

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