Fighting the good fight

Wow, loving this awesome weather. Not bad for March eh? The 5-day forecast has shown solid sun and warm temperatures for the last few days, so I’ve taken the plunge and potted on my chillies, peppers and aubergines into bigger pots in the module tunnel (which is currently averaging a cool 43 degrees C in the sun). Fingers crossed that the night time temps don’t drop too drastically…

The chillies and peppers have managed to pick up a few aphids along the way; so I’m hoping the tranfer to the bright, warm tunnel from my darkish but heated windowsill propagator will pep them up enough to fight off the attack. Plus I’ve been tracking down ladybirds emerging bleary eyed from their winter sleep, and placing them carefully right next to the aphids. It’s an amazingly frustrating thing to see a predator scurry straight past (or even over) a pesky pest, without pausing to destroy it. Still, one of the ladybirds seemed to get the idea and paused for a snack, so I’m hopeful. It’s the stripey larvae that really goes to down and munches the aphid, so maybe I should aim for the offspring and set up a ladybird dating service instead.


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