Ready, and… Ta-dah!

I’ve just managed to do a version of the tablecloth trick: whisking away the groundcover Mypex, and leaving the plants growing through it intact. Well, more or less. It was time to rip out the first lot of mustard greens and mizuna: they had both done pretty well in autumn and over the winter, but the mizuna was starting to flower, and I still have plenty of red mustard going great guns in the other tunnel. So I’ve decided to drill a few rows of spinach at the end of the week in their place: hurrah, must be spring!

I pulled out the mustard and mizuna through the Mypex and chucked it on the compost heap (reminds me, I really must turn that bad boy soon); which left the small matter of the rainbow chard, a few lines of bulls blood beetroot and chervil to work out. It seemed such a shame to rip those out too: although I have chervil & bulls blood for salads etc in the other tunnel, it seems such a waste to just compost that while it’s so productive. So I thought I’d try and ease the Mypex over each hole full of plant, to leave something behind. It sounds harder than it was: I’d been picking those rows quite hard the last few weeks in preparation for the great tablecloth pull, so only a few leaves/plants came along with the groundcover. I’m hoping the ground dries out a bit and gets some air before I rotovate on Thursday (I have now made many mice homeless, mwah ha ha), then in with the seeds and fingers crossed, I’ll be picking baby spinach in four or five weeks, just before the tomatoes and peppers need to go in.

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