Destruction! Revenge!

So after a mere 4 days holiday (the first for a number of years), I return to the fields hoping to find things more or less as I left them last Friday: perhaps even more growth in the warmish sunshine too.


The polytunnels: check. All pretty good, in fact some nice growth in just a few days, and needing a water, but otherwise fine.

The module tunnel: check. Again a little dry, but obviously a nice bit of sunshine.

The field: ah. At first it looked like the red Russian kale in particular had enjoyed a nice early spring spurt. But when it came to picking the PSB, a nasty surprise lay in wait. When opening the gate to the field, the usual one or two pigeons that hang around (partly due to a neighbour leaving bird seed out for them) had obviously spread the word and brought all their mates to the party: at least 12 squeaked off into the trees. I growled at them, but only noticed the damage they had done a few minutes later. The PSB at the tree-end of the field had been completely stripped: many leaves and stems were now unusable. Mind you, the PSB was looking healthy enough further down, and had produced enough to ensure there were enough decent spears to pick, so not so bad.

However, I then checked on the short row of spring green cabbages which had been coming on nicely last week, and were just beginning to heart up into nice pointed heads. It now looks like someone has taken a broken-bladed mower over the top of them, and riped the whole top few inches off. No wonder the pigeons looked fat. Sigh.

Still, onwards and upwards eh? And it’s my birthday soon; so I now have an air rifle on my wish list. C’mon pigeons: make my day…

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