The Red (Spicy) Dragon

To celebrate St David’s day today, I’ve put extra fiery red mustards in the mixed salad bags! They’re just so darn pretty; that cold spell has really deepened the colour of the young giant red mustard leaves (see right). I’d like to say that I also drilled some leeks in celebration of the Welsh saint; but sadly not. I’m planning to drill them in half of the tunnel which currently has plenty of salad leaves still going strong, and it seems a waste to rip them out in order to drill the leeks, when sowing this early probably won’t make too much difference to the leeks anyway. I got them in on 27th March last year I think, so as long as they’re in before that I’ll be happy.

Meanwhile these warm early days are bringing along more micro leaves nicely; and my chilli seeds have already germinated in the airing cupboard, less than two weeks after sowing – I wasn’t expecting them until at least next week, erk! They are seed I saved from my fantastic hot crop from last year, so maybe I just selected really vigorous plants! I’ll have to find room for them on a warm windowsill somewhere, until there are fewer chances of frosts so I can pot on to my module tunnel (it can get a bit nippy there at night). I finally remembered to put the okra in today too (all 20 seeds of it!), along with a tray of Marvel of 4 Seasons lettuce. That variety was awesome last year; a butterhead type with mostly red leaves, changing to bright green hearts inside. Fingers crossed for some warmer weather after this chilly weekend is over…


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